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The kindergarten class found our eagle aerie model.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife managers from City School are giving a tour to the 25 members of the National Association for Interpretation that came to visit the Outdoor Learning Center.

Working together to figure out what kind of rock they have.

As a carnivore in an active game of the food chain, she swiftly seeks food to survive.

Taking in the beauty of nature as they imitate animal sounds.

Investigating force and motion at the Outdoor Learning Center.

Exploring the outdoors!

News & Announcements

Late Start Camp

Our Late Start Camp is up and running. We still have room for kindergarten to 5th grade students. Call 340-1028 for information.

Fall Fun Open House

The next Outdoor Learning Center Open House is October 21, 2017, from 10:00 to 2:00 p.m. Visitors will learn how animals get ready for winter, make crafts and go on a pumpkin hunt. Don't miss the adventure!

Summer Library shows

The OLC is partnering with Spokane's libraries to teach about the homes that animals build! The summer reading program's theme is Building a Better World. One of our volunteers wrote this article about us, thanks Kim!

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