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Training Programs/Workshops

Training Programs/Workshops

Project Learning Tree

PLT uses the forest as a window on the world to increase student's understanding of our environment; stimulate student critical and creative thinking; and develop student's ability to make informed decisions on environmental issues. It instills in students the commitment to take responsible actions on behalf of the environment. Workshops are usually 6 hours long, and participants recieve PLT curriculum and clock hours.
Project WET

Participants will recieve Project WET curriculum guide, filled with hundreds of great lessons. Teachers will gain valuable insight into Washington state requirements to teach environmental education, and learn first hand the value of wildlife, ecosytem, and conservation education in the classroom. Workshop is geared toward K-8 teachers and non-formal educators.  

Project WILD

Learn how to incorporate environmental education into your existing science, language arts, and social studies curriculums! Project WILD and Aquatic WILD are nationally recognized environmental education programs that have reached over one million educators! Project WILD focuses on animals that live in a variety of ecosystems. It is based on the premise that young people and educators have a vital interest in learning about the natural world.  Emphasising wildlife because of its intrinsic value, Project WILD addresses the need for human beings to develop as responsible citizens of our planet. Workshop is geared toward K-8 teachers and non-formal educators.  
Flying WILD

Flying WILD is an exciting new education program that introduces middle school students to bird conservation through school bird festivals, hands-on classroom activities, and community service projects. Through a new partnership with the Council of Environmental Education (the national office of Flying WILD and Project WILD) the WVOLC is now offering Flying WILD training and materials in the Spokane area. Workshop is geared toward middle school teachers and non-formal educators.

Aquifer Education

In this workshop educators will learn about the Spokane Rathdrum Prarie Aquifer. There is no other source of ground water in the United States that has both the volume of water contained in the aquifer and its swift flow rates. Our aquifer has no natural protection from surface contamination. Educating students about the aquifer and its suceptibility will help conserve the high quality of our drinking water. Participants in the Aquifer Education workshop will receive aquifer curriculum which contains 18 lesson plans centered on Washington and Idaho state teaching standards, and will gain access to the aquifer education tub which contains all resources and materials needed to teach lessons. Workshop is geared toward teachers and non-formal educators working with students grades 3-9. Free curriculum and training made possible by Spokane Joint Aquifer Board! Thanks!
As a service to the Spokane area community of teachers, educators and group leaders, the OLC rents science kits, science equipment and outdoor sports gear to aid in the success of your own scientific explorations. The OLC works hard to keep our rentals in great shape and to keep our prices low. If you are looking to rent equipment or kits for an extended period of time, please contact us at (509)340-1028 for pricing and availability.
Equipment 1-4 Day Rental Add a Day Weekly Rental
Project WET Kit $9 $2 $15
Project WILD Kit $9 $2 $15
Project Learning Tree Kit $9 $2 $15
Project Flying WILD Kit $9 $2 $15
Aquifer Education Kit FREE FREE FREE
Enviroscape FREE FREE  
Ground Water Model FREE FREE FREE
Macroinvertabrate Collection Kit $9 $2 $15
Water Quality Testing Kits $9 $2 $15
Vernier Probes $9 $2 $15
Binoculars (class sets) $9 $2     $15
Snow Shoes each $5 $2 $11
Mountain Bikes each $12 $2 $18
Field Guides (class sets)
(Birds, Plants, Animals, Mushrooms)
$5 $2 $10